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Running your business should be easy.

WhirlWind Software

Our Industries

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Our Story

Our software was born in an appliance store. Our founder and owner, Bryan Willard, worked every job possible at this appliance store. While working these positions, he realized a need for better software within the retail industry.


Bryan wrote the software for each role in the retail business. From writing up orders, to checking inventory, to paying the bills (and balancing it all) - he truly understands what point of sale software needs to lessen the load of not only the owner, but every member of your team.


Our software has evolved since 2002 by listening to our customers and industry experts. It was written with the understanding of what YOU need and what YOU do. We get YOU!

Want to learn how WhirlWind can help your business? Schedule time with one of our software experts here.

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What We Do

We are more than just a Point of Sale System! We are a fully integrated solution that makes running your business easier. We run the back end of your business so you can focus on taking care of your customers.

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IDLERS Major Appliance Showroom

“Idler's Appliances has been using the WhirlWind Software package since August 1, 2005. We have over 40 terminals in three stores with inventory everywhere. After using the WhirlWind Software for eight months I am Glad we made the change to WhirlWind. We have better Control of Inventory as the scanners do work and require minimal maintenance. The point-of-sale portions are user friendly and our Sales staff is happy with the product. When a product is special ordered for a customer and it is back-ordered or when it comes in the salesperson is notified which has made our customer relations better. My buyers, including myself, find the WhirlWind Software is extremely efficient as you can pinpoint who has products sold and look at the invoice with a click. We all experience having 10 units in stock with 11 units sold, this systems lets you look at each sale quickly and determine if it is time or order more. My Accounting Staff if very happy as we no longer use two software packages for accounting we are seeing improvements every day to the product. Nothing is perfect but we find Bryan Willard to be very accommodating in fine tuning the WhirlWind System to our needs. We are a typical Brand Source Appliance dealer and we have gone through some tough times in the last three years concerning software. We have had point-of-sale software since 1988 and we find WhirlWind Software to have been a good choice for Idler's Appliance.”


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