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We Get You

How We Get You

Meet Bryan Willard

Our software was written within an appliance store. Our founder, Bryan Willard, worked within the Appliance industry for years. While in this industry, he worked in every single job that the appliance store had. While working in each of the positions, he wrote software that supported each job within the industry. Our software is different from any out there because it was written by someone who understood the ins and outs of your business. It was written by someone who has 32 years of experience in the industry. Due to this, if you can dream it, we probably already have it in our software!


What We Offer

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Sell Through Allowances (STA's)

We specialize in the appliance/furniture industry. We make changes to the software to keep up with trends in our industry. Sell Through Allowance identification, claiming and tracking are is one of these trends that we have implemented solutions for in our software. (Never miss a STA credit again!)

Serial Number Tracking

We use barcode scanning with devices that allow you to receive and deliver inventory with accuracy that is unmatched in the industry.

We literally track your merchandise from receipt, to movement in your company, to delivery, to service and even returns! You will know what (and when) any and all activity has happened to every serialized product you have ever received!


Inexpensive Scanners

No longer will you have to spend thousands on a scanner. We provide functional scanners at a low cost to you.

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Furniture & Mattress

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Appliances & Furniture

Clean Kitchen

Appliance & Mattress

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Consumer Electronics

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Do you want to increase your cash flow and profitability all while reducing your stress? We'll let you know how WhirlWind can make running your business easy!

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