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About Us

Our Mission


We empower our team members to be successful in their professional and personal lives. We empower company owners to have the information they need to make critical decisions to help improve their profitability and communities. We empower your employees to take care of your customers at the highest level.



WhirlWind Software is more than just a Point of Sale System! We run the back end of your business, so you can focus on taking care of your customers.


Our software was born in an appliance store. Our founder and owner, Bryan Willard, worked every job possible at this appliance store. While working these positions, he realized a need for better software within the retail industry.


Bryan wrote the software for each role in the retail business. From writing up orders, to checking inventory, to paying the bills (and balancing it all) - he truly understands what point of sale software needs to have lessen the load of not only the owner, but every member of your team.


Our software has evolved since 2002 by listening to our customers and industry experts. It was written with the understanding of what YOU need and what YOU do. We get YOU!



Bryan Willard



Chieloe Fisher

Head of Operations


Pete Conlin

Head of Technology

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Allie Taylor

Head of Finance

image (2).png

Trevor Janok

Senior Programmer

image (3).png

Destanee Redman

Customer Support Manager


Cambry McElhaney

Onboarding Manager

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Sharon McCarney

Training Manager

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